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Our program consists of a three day preparatory session in the classroom where, using our self-study workbook as a guide, we define the scope of the exam, illustrate the complexity of problems to be encountered, review all required basic math skills (not a separate class), discuss test strategy, examine reference materials and present a model home study program. In our workshops, you are provided with a professionally published workbook, pencil, notepad, highlighter, and SPANs exclusive CertBoK® online learning management system. The SPAN™ CertBoK® online learning management system (LMS), which includes over 800 questions with expanded answers and practice test simulations is available as part of the workshop ($400 value!).

During the workshop, we discuss how to develop a follow on study program and provide the workbook specifically designed to enhance the candidate's ability to solve the problems on the Exam. CertBoK® online learning management system (LMS), the most powerful OHST/CHST/ASP/CSP/CHMM/CIT/STS exam simulation online study system in the world prepares the candidate for the actual Computer Based Testing environment utilizing precise learning and exam taking techniques developed by SPAN CSPs who are certified in curriculum design for professional exam preparation. CertBoK® contains over 800 targeted questions with multiple enhanced learning, exam simulation, and performance tracking capabilities. The workbook and CertBoK® are updated annually.

During each workshop, we work and discuss approximately 400 questions typical of those encountered on the examination. Our questions are complete with explanations, not just answers, and all the explanations are keyed to the same reference material suggested by the BCSP. This allows our students to gain understanding of the subject matter rather than attempting to memorize an impossible number of questions and answers.

Integrated Math for Certification Exams

Unlike other workshops, SPAN Safety Workshops include essential math skills throughout each 3 day professional workshop (ASP, CSP, CHST, OHST) instead of a separate one day math review. This provides a more applied approach to the prerequisite exam mathematics during the focused 3 day preparatory workshop. Our certified Instructional Technologist and degreed adult education curriculum designers have developed strategies to integrate applied exam mathematics including simple strategies that will optimize your math skills without the need to learn or re-learn complicated mathematical theory. During each 3 day safety workshop participants will learn all domains identified on the BCSP Exam Blueprint and the following integrated Math:
  • Conversions - SI and English conversions of mass, length and time
  • Dimensional analysis - multi-step conversions (e.g., converting miles per hour to feet per second, pounds to micrograms)
  • Number manipulation - exponents, scientific notation, significant digits, answer accuracy and rounding and logarithms
  • Shapes and formulae - area, circumference and volume of rectangles, triangles, circles, trapezoids, cubes and cylinders
  • Graphing - two dimensional graphing of linear, exponential, trigonometric and logarithmic functions
  • Algebra - laws and concepts, word problems
  • Trigonometry - right angles, trigonometry functions and word problems
  • Operation of a scientific calculator

Workshops are held 8:00am until 4:00pm daily and are Guaranteed!!*

*If you take an examination applicable to the SPAN™ workshop you attended and do not pass, you can retake the workshop for free within one year of your original workshop date.  This is subject only to our public workshops and is dependent upon capacity for additional students.