In today’s digital age, we are a world of smart phones and apps. We like our information in chunks and when it is convenient for us. ClickSafety, a leader in online safety training, has recognized that society has changed the way it consumes and processes information. As an industry thought leader, we have developed a microlearning tool known as Knowledge Assessment  that addresses this shift.

Our Knowledge Assessment tool delivers “bite-sized” training that is easily consumed and retained by employees. In about 30 seconds, employees can answer a Focus Four question that can be accessed via email on any smart phone or tablet.

  • More effective learning experience 
  • Increase comprehension and retention
  • Insight into which employees are taking safety training seriously and which ones need further education
  • Measure the overall success of your safety program
  • Find out which areas of Focus Four your team is performing well in and which areas need improvement
  • Generate documentation for compliance and/or audits
“Last week I was investigating a partial amputation that occurred on our premises. Although the contractor reported the incident, OSHA showed up and asked us for the injured worker’s training records, which we were able to provide from our ClickSafety training program. So far, there are no compliance issues associated with the injury. We have not been contacted by OSHA regarding the incident, but if they do, we have the training documentation.”

Compliance Officer
ClickSafety Customer
Retail Construction Services

To learn more about our Knowledge Assessment, please contact us at:
1-800-971-1080 Ext 4| training@clicksafety.com